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Glittering Pathway


BNK Busan - Shinchang-dong Branch, Busan, Korea. 2019


(p) 77m x (h)22.7m

steel structure on Danpalon 16T, Moving LED 150ea


We are finite but dream of infinite lives.

All the same, everything disappears into eternity with time.

Vanishing things give rise to art, captured within uncatchable time.

A golden sculpture is set here in Gwangbok Jungangro where the light of film came into being.

This is a recovery of existence, a rumination of reminiscences, and the hope of tomorrow.

This sculpture reflecting everything that has vanished in chaos is a lump of light laden with time which disappeared for good.

It again lights the street with a bright embrace, leaning against each other.

We arrive at the light.

Glittering Pathway.

━━━━━━━━ Artist note

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