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’ The space that permeating gap overpassing the cross over'

Choi Tae-man _ art critic, 2012

The language that determines certain condition and character often change it's meaning depending on the connotation and denotation. For example, a word " square" as a noun, it means a regular quadrilateral, a plaza, square root, and boring people as well. However, as a adjective, verb, or adverb, it could keep an meaning of noun but means parallel, same score, justice, and agreement and also means unfold, spread, tie, and bribing a person by money. As designating a space, it normally means a plaza or the address in certain region. The name of "Blue Square" can simply means the "green field” and can extend its meaning to bright, young and future-oriented meeting place. The space "NEMO" built on the side space between two main theaters is a space which can be performed as a meeting space. The space "NEMO" built with piled containers has a particular shape and exterior. It is not piled with a rectangle container boxes but arranged the same but differently which give an alteration to the whole space. The color of “Tangerine” on the exterior walls vitalizes the space by contrasting the color of main theaters painted with blue. It means that the space can perform as "interface" connecting the theatrical and optical art. As a form, the square and cube is a distinct feature of the modernism. Especially the "grid" in art and architecture, is a main formation of minimalism that coincide with the idea of "a function determines the form" and "Less is more", applied for the architecture by Ludwig Mies van der Roh. Two buildings constructing the blue square reflect basically the idea of modern architecture in terms of its geometry and glass material. That also makes new inter orientation on this area by arranging provocative structure. However, the meaning of "NEMO" does not restrict by form and color because "NEMO" has attraction and possibility to produce changeable space to accommodate various art performance crossing the genre.

One of the important features in current art is a breaking up the boundary of art genre. The performance, installation and new media arts show characters of "out of genre" that cannot be captured in classic painting and sculpture. The off standard art extends the boundary of expression by overpassing mediums and breaking the deceptive scheme. In that sense, the "NEMO" is a place of new art performing challenge instead of a strict quite "White Cube" and its character can be regulated by the role and function of the space, not by the peculiarity of the physical space. In other word, the consummation of "NEMO" as a complementary place of theatrical art and auditorial optical art performed in the Bule Square set the "NEMO" as a cultural art complex. In this point, I would like to suggest the "permeating the gap" as a concept of the "NEMO". The Futuristic Innovative Construction Technology is not only adaptive for the industry but for the art as well. The cross over means a performance formed between two components while keeping the nature of them, therefore it needs to permeate together. That means the Inter Cube should be free from the conventional genre and should be a place of art performance that mix and smear different genres.

The "Fanta-Cube", the open exhibition, composed with four artists selected from the "Art Wall Project", the contest of the Blue Square. The Art Wall project considered for redesigning exteriors of the Blue Square show the concept drawing and also represents the vision and imagination of the artists about the art, environment, architecture and culture together. This exhibition shows the feature of mosaic of multi culture including conventional and modern art, public and private, hand and machine and also has works interpreting a new space and artist's attributes. The Omnibus exhibition has an advantage of variety, however, the "NEMO" need to consider as a medium of experimental art which is not restricted in any type and genre.

Permeating gap does not mean a smelter melting everything and creating a new invention. The "NEMO" could positively develop as a space to accelerate the valuable art performance that keeping nature and creating new philosophy from the standard.


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