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형연 泂然

狀如岳立 聲若龍吟 上徹於有頂之嶺

潛通於無底之方 見之者稱奇 聞之者受福

마침내 종이 만들어지니, 그 모습은 산처럼 우뚝하고 그 소리는 용의 읊조림 같아

소리로는 지상의 끝까지 다하고, 밑으로는 땅속까지 스며들어

보는 자는 신기함을 느낄 것이요 소리를 듣는 자는 복을 받으리라

The shape of the bell is relieved like a mountain,

the sound of the bell is like a humming of a dragon

leading to the end of the earth,

and feels to spread to the deep under earth,

whoever hear the sound will be blessed.”


- The text for the Sacred bell of The Great King Seongdeok


Φ227cm x H 375cm, 3,088 speakers, 2008


Solo Exhibition

2008 Busan Biennale

2008 Korea ambassador's residence



Other Exhibitions

2008 Busan Biennale, Busan Apec Park

2008 Korea Ambassor's residence, Beijing, China

2010 Korea War 60th Ceremony, Seoul, Korea

2010 Audi A8 Art & progress, Seoul, Korea

2011 Incheon Cityhall, Incheon, Korea

2011 Daejong Award Ceremony, Seoul, Korea



APEC Park, Busan, Korea

National Science center, Korea

Korea Ambassador's residence, 2008

The process of work

After time and even in another place, the bell`s sound stays with us.


The collected 3088 of speakers has been represented as same sized as the traditional Sacred bell of The Great King Seongdeok . (width 227cm x height 375cm) The gathering of little speakers became a huge echo that has a hope and desire. Sacred bell of The Great King Seongdeok embraces a sympathy for the victims of fighting in the deep meaning of the bell. It is a symbol of communication and combination which has born with a wish of people in the united Shilla after long age of chaos.

The bell produce a peaceful sound from the modern artwork sublimated the true sound of the consideration of the winner and the suffers of the looser. The ‘Hyeong Yeon’ is the artwork showed in 2008 Busan Biennale by artist Wonsuk Han.

The rubbish that can be redefined by the situation of the time, and in ths artwork, it tries the time communication between past and present as an open notion. In the boundary of the environmental art, the rubbish is not simply a true object, but a possibility to be rediscovered as a new meaning and form, and hopefully, will expand the new way of visual and auditory language.


Collected by National Science Museum, 2008

Film including real sound of Resonance

(L) 23th DaeJong Films Award, 2011

(R) Incheon Cityhall 2011

It is amazing that on history has been revived here after running long time. Although I cannot fathom how deep the artist's deliberation is, I am very proud of this work, and I appreciate to the artist.


_ A Family of Han SeungSoo, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea


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