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화해  花解


16,360 speakers, Φ123cm Lacqured cardboard tubes, dimensions variable, 2011


Solo Exhibition

2011.04.22 _ 05.19

Gallery Absinthe, Seoul, Korea


Other Exhibitions

2011 'Incheon peace art project', Incheon artplatform, Korea



Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

Reconciled - Wonsuk Han

Installation view _ Gallery Absinthe, 2011

Silent speakers signify the modern man who keeps silent in spite of one's ability to speak. 3 tubes represent myself who makes quiet sound at the center of the dark space


In the past, I try to reconcile with those who have become silent after the long period of quarrels and misunderstandings about society. And I also reconcile with silent society, circumstance and the nature.

(above) Sound off

(below) Sound on

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