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Sound Forest

Sound Forest

Φ123cm cardboard tubes, dimensions variable, 2009


Solo Exhibition

2009 Janet Oh Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Other Exhibitions

2009 '7 things I want to know about art', Icheon arthall, Korea

2010 'Art of Progress', Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea

2010 'Art and Technology' AT center, Seoul, Korea

2010 'Korea tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2011 'The earth', Sungbuk Museum, Seoul, Korea



Gallery Em, Seoul, Korea

Cola Mercato, Seoul, Korea

and Private Collections

Installation view _ Icheon arthall, 2009

The Sound create a space


It is the space of the work. Which helps focus sound surrounding me, getting our of a lot of noise.

A line of pillars can become walls, trees and living space if they have a little sound.

The sound rages and throws the space, But it can’t be told to be empty. It emits come lights getting sound and the sound feels familiar but always new. Breathing and evolving space, it is the inner side by essence of sound and space.


“Sound Forest” is made by omni directional speaker system which make best sound in any space that have balance about high-pitched tone and low-one. We can make all speakers make sound at the same time, and make unintended harmony like a troll.


This piece makes fresh feeling sound and very familiar with designated musics and play system.

Installation view _ Janet Oh gallery, 2009

sketches, 2009

'Art and Technology' AT center, 2010

Light of Sound illuminates the Space of Darkness, where a single ray of light shall not pass. Within this space, we can only rely upon our senses to takes us to the uncertain journey through the darkness.

A glimpse of light that reacts to the sounds – sometimes chaotic and sometime fragmented - shall deliver the notion of comfort to some, and the notion of suspense to others.

This space, a visible-but-yet-not-visible space that can only be perceived through interaction of sound, is a manifesto towards the society that vision dictates our perception of the world.

Let yourself follow the sound to lead you, and plunge yourself into the realm of imagination.

'The earth' Sungbuk Museum, 2011

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