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Sound Forest

’ Sound Forest'

HyungTak JUNG_ independent Curator, 2009

We wander about in the forest. It is because we cannot find the substance of the sound and of the abstraction of the paper pipes that generate the sound. The course of wandering is the result of that the art has been under the stereotype of the confusion. The <sound forest> is not belonging to either the boundary of image or the auditory sense.  

It rather seems to be in the third area or on the bother among them.

The connection of art and sound is as much closer as it of concept and recognition or language and image. It is well known that the „Vincent Van Gogh‟ learned piano to study the correspondence of color and music and the „Moholy Nagy‟ created the interface of moving electrode panel through plying piano. The „Kandinsky‟ expressed the Beethoven symphony as a point painting and the „Paul Klee‟ tried to apply the aesthetics of that the art is not a reproduction of what we see but the creation of what we don‟t see.


Is the <The forest>, which generated in the interrelationship of art and music, by Wonsuk Han, an expansion of the art or an experiment of the synthesis of the art and music? From the visual side, the artwork is the repetition of the paper pipe. From the auditory side, it is far from the reproducing image and the ordinary sound: in the visual art, it is close to the special installation and in the musical work, it is close to the concrete music that reveal an imagination of the nature and life. Now the rough underground space is not any more a common space, but become a holly space. The plain abstract space shows the concrete image. That means this artwork is an expansion of every genre and a new genre from the expansion as well. It shows the final imagination of the art because it is free from the visual representation and brake fixed chord. The audience could make an image of the sound, which comes from the paper pipes rather than they see an image from the canvas. It is a proper part of the art that a soft imagination awakes our head more clearly than the concrete idea. The imagination, so that is a step above from our five emotions. The modern art may inspire energy to our exhausted body through the combination and expansion of the genreration. 

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