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Moon Window

Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2014


2014.09.25 _ 11.09 (46 days)

Changwon-si _ Kyeungsansam-do _ Korea


Moon window  

silo, mixed media 920 x 920 cm 2014


The silo, 55m-height concrete structure, was a symbolic icon of local industrialization. It had represented the Masan port and central wharf since Masan was the one of seven-biggest cities in Korea. Ssangyong, the cement company, built it in 1977. However afterward the ‘cement’ factories left and the silo has been abandoned.


The sun disappeared, the moon misses the sun and reflects its daylight. Even though the moon is veiled, we still remember existence of the moon through thousand shapes of moonlit. Memories come from the past and memories awaken another memories. People sometimes miss the past and wander around looking for the piece of the past in their memories. 


‘Shadow of the moon’, a main theme of the 3rd Changwon Biennale inspires a thought ‘the art shining in everyday life’ like a reflection of the moon in the Masan Sea.


I would like to draw nostalgia that gleamed on the moon in the Masan Sea, using a piece of abandoned silo. I also want to embody unknown memories through the silo in the frame, which could be pains for somebody or the part of the Masan Sea.


The silo was magnificent but threatening and sturdy but closed. Now it is modestly set in the frame like a painting but still has enough strength to be remembered its existence. And the other frame, on the other side, will be able to evoke memories of ‘now’. The twin walls between time would be another sea, the sea is shone our life. Now the silo in the frame is for everyone and would be a brand new icon for the new Masan port.


In 1970, the silo was an icon of manufacturing cement and also modern society but now it has a new meaning. It should be a footprint of the new era. It reflects new wave of Masan Bay. It could be a medium that connects past and present. I hope the silo is well imprinted on our life. 

Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2014 introduction.pdf 

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