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Chambres bondées

Group Exhibition in Paris 2015


2015.07.03 _ 7.11 

six elzévir, Paris _ France



Φ120mm Lacqured cardboard tubes, string

dimensions variable, 2015


Although the act of communicating through paper cups connected with string is one frequented by children, it is undeniably a scientific and sensitive act. Observing one another to see if the opposite individual received the message transmitted through the string of the paper cup is an act reminiscent of the analog age and is significantly different from the gestures of the modern digital age; the visual cues and confirmations gathered by observing the opposite individual have been replaced by notifications and pop-ups on the screens of mobile devices. Technology has made leaps from the telephone to the wireless devices used today; here we revisit and reinterpret the antiquity that is the paper cup phone.  In Resonance II, the minute vibrations created from the warm sounds of Korean traditional drums resonating from speakers placed inside paper cups are rendered visible to the naked eye through the strings connecting each placement. Through the fresh perspective and interpretation of the traditional sounds of Korea exhibited here at Paris, France, we hope the beauty of Korea’s culture can be appreciated in a similarly refreshed manner by a broader and continuously growing audience.

Installation film

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